The GSAPP summer workshop in Greece is directed by Lydia Kallipoliti, Assistant Professor Adjunct at Columbia University in collaboration with Niki Andreadou and Manolis Tzekakis, Professors at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Yota Adilenidou, tutor at the Architectural Association in London, and Andreas Theodoridis, principal of 207×207 architects in Greece. Additional guest instructors and speakers from the GSAPP include Mark Wigley (Dean of the Architecture School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation, Columbia University), Beatriz Colomina (Professor and Director of the PhD Program, Princeton University), Francois Roche (Principal of R& Sie Architects, Paris), Eva Franch (Director of the Storefront for Art and Architecture and Michael Young (Assistant Professor Adjunct at Columbia University). The invited speakers for the symposium in conjunction with the workshop will deliver public lectures, but will also participate as jurors in design reviews of the workshop providing feedback to the students and the research group.



Lydia Kallipoliti, Assistant Professor, The Cooper Union/ Columbia University

Lydia Kallipoliti is a practicing architect, engineer and theorist, currently an Assistant Professor Adjunct at the Cooper Union and at Columbia University in New York. She holds architecture degrees from A.U.Th. in Greece, MIT and Princeton University.  Her design and theoretical work has been published internationally including Log, Domus, Praxis, Architectural Design, the Journal of Architectural Historians, Thresholds, Pidgin, 306090 and other publications. She is the editor of “EcoRedux: Design Remedies for an Ailing Planet” and founder of EcoRedux, an innovative online non-profit educational resource.[]

Yota Adilenidou, Visiting Critic, GSAPP, Columbia University | Tutor, DRL, Architectural Association School of Architecture

Yota Adilenidou holds a Diploma of Architecture from A.U.Th. and a MSc. AAD from GSAPP, Columbia University. She worked for Eisenman Architects, Evan Douglis and Sakellaridou & Papanikolaou Architects. She has previously taught as an Adjunct Lecturer at the School of Architecture, AUTh. She is currently the Coordinator of the Graduate Programme DRL in Architectural Association School of Architecture and she is pursuing a PhD by Design in Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, in Design Computation and Fabrication.


Emmanuel G. Tzekakis, Professor, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Emmanuel Tzekakis is Professor of Architectural Technology in the Faculty of Engineering of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He holds a PhD in building science. He attended post graduate courses in acoustics at the Technical University of Berlin. He is director of the Laboratory of Architectural Technology of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, specializing in testing and certification of building materials and products. He coordinated over 100 European, national and private research projects. As an expert consultant he has worked for many large construction companies in complex cultural projects and contributed to the acoustical design of many theaters, music halls, cultural centers and sports facilities. He teaches Architectural Technology, Building Science and Building Physics. He published over 200 papers in scientific journals, conference proceedings, as well as books and other technical texts.

Niki Manou-Andreadis, Associate Professor, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Niki Manou-Andreadis was born in Thessaloniki. She graduated from the School of Architecture and the School of Civil Engineering at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. She holds a PHD from the School of Engineering and she is an Associate Professor at the Architectural Design and Architectural Technology Faculty of the School of Architecture of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Professional work, individually or as team member, includes a significant number of private project studies (hotels, residences, shopping centres, commercial stores etc.), as well as public projects (extension of state airports, museums etc.).

Andreas Theodoridis, Visiting Critic GSAPP, Columbia University | Principal 207×207 architects

Andreas Theodoridis is a practicing architect and engineer, principal of 207×207 architects based in Athens in collaboration with Stella Nikolalaki. He has participated in a number of architectural exhibitions and has designed and built  a series of houses, offices, stores, and cafes in Greece. [http://www.207×]


Visiting Instructors:

Eva Franch, Director of the Storefront of Art and Architecture, New York

Eva Franch i Gilabert is a Catalan architect, researcher, and teacher, founder of the Barcelona based OOAA (office of architectural affairs) and Director of Storefront for Art and Architecture in New York.

[, ]

Michael Young, Assistant Professor, The Cooper Union/ Columbia University

Michael Young is an architect and educator in New York City. He is currently Assistant Professor at the Cooper Union, and is also teaching at Columbia University, Yale University and Princeton University. He is a registered architect in New York and partner in the deisgn practice Young & Ayata.

[ ]


Anna Tsiflitzikli, Yiannis Tsaras, Rodoula Papadaki, Dimitris Gourdoukis


Invited Lecturers:

Mark Wigley, Dean and Professor, GSAPP Columbia University

Mark Wigley is Dean of Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation. The author of The Architecture of Deconstruction: Derrida’s Haunt (1993), White Walls, Designer Dresses: The Fashioning of Modern Architecture (1995; both MIT Press), and Constant’s New Babylon: The Hyper-Architecture of Desire (010 Publishers, 1998), he coedited, with Catherine de Zegher, The Activist Drawing: Retracing Situationist Architectures from Constant’s New Babylon to Beyond,(MIT Press, 2001). He has curated exhibitions at the MoMA in New York, the Witte de With in Rotterdam, The Drawing Center in New York, and the CCA in Montreal.

Beatriz Colomina, Professor, Princeton University

Beatriz Colomina is an internationally renowned architectural historian and theorist who has written extensively on questions of architecture and media. She is Professor of Architecture and Founding Director of the Program in Media and Modernity at Princeton University. Her books include Privacy and Publicity: Modern Architecture as Mass Media (Cambridge: The MIT Press, 1994), which was awarded the 1995 International Book Award by the American Institute of Architects, Sexuality and Space (New York: Princeton Architectural Press, 1992), which was awarded the 1993 International Book Award by the American Institute of Architects and Architectureproduction (New York: Princeton Architectural Press, 1988). Her latest book is Domesticity at War (Barcelona: ACTAR and MIT Press, 2007). Recently she curated the exhibition “Clip/Stamp/Fold: The Radical Architecture of Little Magazines 196X-197X” at the Storefront for Art and Architecture in New York and the CCA in Montreal. The exhibition traveled to Documenta 12 and the Architectural Association in London, Norsk Form (Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture) in Oslo and the Contemporary Art gallery in Vancouver.  It is currently in the Disseny Hub Barcelona.

R&sIE (n) | François Roche & Stéphanie Lavaux

This group works simultaneously through the architectural practice R&Sie(n) and the “new-territories” research organization. It also leads architectural research labs such as the Advanced Studio at Columbia University-GSAPP in New York.

Their works are organized on three sets of themes:

/ Practice as LifeSpan / Fiction as Practice / Research as Speculation /

-A fragile architecture which negotiates with the arrow of time, with the transitory one or what seems the being

-An operative and fictional architecture which tries to re-scenarize the relation with a situation, with an environment (like principle of reality)

-A speculative architecture which works out devices between robotics, mathematics, neurobiology and biochemistry (last research “Ive heard about” & “an architecture des humeurs”)

Among the teaching positions held by R&Sie(n) and François Roche over the last decade are  guest professor at the Bartlett School in London in 2000, the Vienna TU in 2001, the Barcelona ESARQ in 2003-04, the Paris ESA in 2005, the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia in 2006, the Angewangde in Vienna in 2008, the USC-Los Angeles in 2009 and currently Columbia, since 2006. Their architectural designs have been shown at, among other places, Columbia University (New York, 1999-2000), UCLA (Los Angeles, 1999-2000), ICA (London, 2001), Mori Art Museum (Tokyo, 2004), Centre Pompidou (Paris, 2003), MAM / Musée d’Art Moderne (Paris, 2005, 2006), the Tate Modern (London 2006) and Orléans/ArchiLab  (1999, 2001, 2003). Work by R&Sie(n) was selected for exhibition at the French pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennales of 1990, 1996, 2000 and 2002 (they rejected the invitation that year), and for the international section in en 2000, 2004 and 2008 and they have been selected in the last one, both International and Austrian Pavilion, in September 2010.

Web Site /

Blog /

Tweet /

Ecologic Studio, Claudia Pasquero & Marco Polletto | Inter 10 Unit Masters, AA School of Architecture

ecoLogicStudio is an architectural and urban design studio co-founded in London by Claudia Pasquero and Marco Poletto. In the past few years the studio has built up an international reputation for its innovative work on ‘systemic’ design; ecoLogicStudio’s method is defined by the combination and integration of systemic thinking, bio and socio-logic research, parametric design and rapid prototyping techniques. Completed projects include a public library, private villas, large facades and eco-roofs; ecoLogic has developed prototypes and installations for the most important Architectural Biennales, including Venice in 2008 and 2010 [STEMv3.0 the lagoon experiment, The ecological Footprint grotto], Seville [STEMcloud], Istanbul [Fibrous room] and Milan Fuorisalone [ Aqua Garden]. ecoLogic runs international Workshop and cultural activities like the Architectural Machines Symposium at the AA in 2009, the Fibrous Structures workshop, Prototyping the city in Turin, ICAMP in Messina, Tropic Playground in Linz, to name a few. ecoLogic is starting a publishing activity with booklets like the “Casa Lightwall”, the Cybergardens, and the AA INTER10 09/10 book titled “World Dubai Marine Life Incubators”. Claudia and Marco are currently writing a new book on Systemic Architecture and they are Unit Master at the Architectural Association in London and Visiting Master tutors at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Cataluña (IAAC) in Barcellona.

Dr. Yiannis Savvidis,  Associate Professor of Physical Oceanography ATEITh


Participating students from Columbia University GSAPP:

Aaron Mark, Jaclyn Jung, Anna Obraztsova, Michael Georgopoulos, Eliza Montgomery, Stephen Chou

Participating students from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki AUTh:

Vasilis Papakonstantinou, Plavou Vasiliki-Maria, Theodoros Kyttas, Boutsivari Elena, Periklis Kiriakidis, Alexandros Charidis


Guest Jurors:

Francois Roche, Stephanie Lavaux, Eva Franch, Michael Young, Ezio Blasetti, Nefeli Chatzimina, Eric Carcamo, Sophia Vyzoviti, Stavros Vergopoulos, Nikos Kalogirou, Anastasios Kotsiopoulos, George Papakostas, Katerina Kotzia, Korina Filoxenidou

Research Assistant from GSAPP:

Zoe Florence


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